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About Us

Our company provides valuable expertise in the industry

over many years and we are very friendly.  Our flagship

studio is in the UK, & we have satellite studios in the USA:  

New York, LA & Nashville and Atlanta.


We have full rosters of session singers both sides of

The Atlantic covering all vocal genres.  All singers have

major brand, tv & film credits to their names and

are some of the most high profile and in demand

session singers working across our industry.  It is this that

truly sets us apart together with attention to detail in terms

of file quality.


It also provides authenticity in terms of vocal sound,

for example if you ask for R&B, the singers will be from LA,

if you ask for country, the singers will be from Nashville etc.


From a technical point of view, all vox files will be edited

around the breaths so they are technically perfect and will

be sent to you dry no fx in whichever file format and bit rate

you prefer.  You will just be able to load your vox files into

your arrange page and be ready to mix straight away.


Turnaround time is usually very fast and normally takes

about a day or so.


In addition to the above, what makes us unique is the

ability to offer such a wide range of vocal options.


We have a main Showreel pages with several departments:


The following features our several vocal departments.

specialised and purely dedicated to national &

international major brand adverts as well as

Syncs for TV & Film.


Our General Showreel page covers every vocal genre,

both Male & Female, UK & USA.



We also have several other departments as follows:


Gospel Choir


U.S. Rappers (Male & Female)

"In The Style Of" Artists Dept. (For Vocal Reference)

Current chart artists (eg. Rihanna, Coldplay etc.

as well as vintage/classic artists (eg. Chaka Kahn,

Andrea Bocelli etc)

International Languages Dept.

(Via reciprocal deals worldwide)

Our Selected Singers' Info Page:

Selection of singers and their info:

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