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Session Singer Online

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Our flagship studio is in the UK, however we have satellite

studios in the USA:  New York, LA and Nashville.  All of our

recording studios are fully equipped and ready to produce

technically perfect edited vox files in whichever bit rate and

file format you request.  



Vocal Options


Adverts & Jingles Team


We have a specialised Adverts and Jingles team.  Please

select our Jingles / Ads Showreel page from the main menu

for more details and audio samples.



General Production Vocals


We provide sung session vocals covering all genres.  In

addition, we also provide options for a full gospel choir,

vocal harmony groups, U.S. Rappers (Male & Female)

and a Soundalike Dept. covering both current chart artists

(eg. Coldplay, Usher, Rihanna etc.), as well as vintage/classic

artists (eg. Sting, Beach Boys, Guns 'n Roses etc.)  

Please select the General Showreel page from the

main menu for more details and audio samples.



International Languages


Session Singer Online now has the facilities to provide

vocals for radio jingles, tv adverts and misc. music projects

in several languages.  Through reciprocal agreements, we

have carefully selected several premier specialised

radio jingle and music production companies worldwide to

partner with us, and can now provide vocals in many

languages and dialects.



For all vocal options, please see our 2 Showreel Pages

from the main menu.


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